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that cliff as of today. what now, you wonder? kevin mccarthy out of california, he's coming up 60 minutes from now. martha: back to this tragic story we talked about yesterday. there are new details in the murder-suicide case involving kansas city chief jovan belcher. the reports are that he spent an alcohol-fueled evening with another woman before he went home and got into that fatal argument with his girlfriend. a woman named whitney glass claims she had dinner with belcher and he spent the night in his car before headed home at approximately:00 in the morning. police say he got into a huge argument with his girlfriend and shot her 9 times. then he drove to arrowhead stadium, spoke to his coaches and took his own life. bill: belcher's family and teammates saying they are shocked and did not see such a brutal turn of event coming the way they did. >> maybe you can keep this separate and move on with maybe it guy you knew before saturday. i think there is maybe some comfort in that. but trying to figure it out and trying to connect those two to me is pretty confusing and just too difficul
security. chairman of the house armed services committee, california congressman, bruce mckeown will weigh in on the impact these cuts will v that is live in our next hour. gregg: secretary of state hillary clinton now hospitalized after the discovery of a blood clot following a concussion earlier this month. that concussion apparently related and causing secretary clinton to postpone her testimony on the benghazi terror attack. doctors say the blood clot is very risky. >> blood clots are serious depending where they are. the leg is more common and simpler to treat. lungs are more life threaten, into the brain of course, very, very serious if it is in the brain because of stroke and potential memory and injury to the entire brain. gregg: david lee miller is live in new york city with the very latest. and, david, what do we know about the location of that blood clot? >> reporter: gregg, the authorities have not released that information. they have only disclosed she is being treated for a clot. she fainted earlier this month and hit her head causing a discussion. the clot was discovered in
help for the city, help for the states. but you asked it. who is next. how about california? voted for president obama by 20 point. deeply in debt. to suggest we need help from d.c., maybe that detroit city councilmember opened up the door for a request for a federal bailout. martha: one of the biggest burdens on the municipality have been the deals the public unions have struck for their workers. we have seen it in places where the promises have been made where there i not the money to support. i there any question the administration -- that the president is open to the idea that the president is open to bail out these municipalities? >> there is no mention so far. but you are right to point out the union connect. president obama's reelect heavily supported by municipal unions and it's the pensions promised to municipal union workers, that is what is strangling many of the states that are in such dire straight. illinois and california in particular. will quid pro quo be called in by municipal unions like it has been called in by the municipal councilmember. martha: what happens if
. keep doing. go long. alisyn: a large earthquake shaking southern california this morning. the quake with a magnitude of 6.4, it struck in the pacific ocean off the southern coast of avalon, california, and about 170 miles from mexico. no reports of damage or injuries and no tsunami warning has been issued but coming up we'll talk with a seismologist to see if this could be the start of something bigger. bill: there are new concerns secretary of state hillary clinton will not testify about the attacks in benghazi. both the house and senate foreign relations committees had announced she would testify and in fact that would happen in about a week's time. now the state department says that is not such a done deal. congressman ed royce is on the house foreign affairs committee. he chairs the terrorism committee. he is my guest now and, sir, good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: what do you read into this? >> bill, since the beginning we haven't been able to get answers but now we have the accountability review board's report which is dewey has to be shared with congress. we expect
a bit of a quieter weather a person in store for parts of california. we do have a return to that stormy weather as we head into late tonight and into wednesday. the ground saturated. in portions of oregon, the ground saturated. that mean bad news. right now again pretty quiet over portions of california, oregon and washington. we have flash flood watches across portions of oregon and california. locally higher amount across the higher elevations. basically as we get into tuesday and wednesday. more heavy rain and snow spreading as far east as portions of the northern rockies. bill: thank you, maria molina in our fox extreme weather center. martha: lindsey graham says the benghazi attack is a failure of the obama administration to get tough with terror. >> we need to get into the details of why they died and why we left our con that so unsecured when the british left and everyone else. if we don't change our strategy from a foreign policy, change this lightfoot print approach to the war on terror there will be more benghazis. martha: what about that morning. i'm joined by kt macfarland.
on to return a wedding ripping to its rightful owner. douglas bendenetti, a snow chain installer in california. he was working on interstate 80 seeing a man frantically running up and down the road. he said he was looking for a his wedding ring which he lost while putting chains on the car. he gave up but he stranger kept looking for his ring. >> he wasn't wearing clothing for wither. looking for light on cell phone. it got cold and slipped off and went back looking for it and had no luck. he was disappointed. definitely disappointed. generally gave me idea of 1/8 of a quarter mile of stretch of roadway toe look for. it was perfectly round, sunk in the snow and i scooped it up. once i saw elise is a's name on it i know i had a wedding band and i had right ring. this is special for them and they don't need it lost on the highway. i would like to get it back to him and he can in turn pay it forward later in life. patti ann: he doesn't know their names but is hoping the owner will see the story and contact him, doug benedetti, about claiming this ring. gregg: i hope so. the world sadly is a diffe
beach golf course in california and bought rockefeller center in new york. various other properties and paid huge dollars for them and lot of their shirts. this time around with china is not the case. you can't say they're paying a lot of money for aig's plane leasing business or a123. martha: stuart, thank you. see you coming up on the business channel. bill: here is the question for you. how much american debt does china actually own? as the largest foreign owner of u.s. debt it owns more than a trillion dollars in treasury securities. china's holding of u.s. debt has increased 56% over the course of the obama presidency which comes out to about $400 billion more. it has bought or invested in more than $15 billion in more than 100 u.s. companies going pack to january of 2010. that is influence. martha: new numbers raising fresh concerns here at home about our economy. the u.s. consumer spending numbers showing signs of weakening after four months of gains. experts blame things like very high unemployment of course and the prospect of increased taxes as we get closer to the fiscal
a california public teachers pension fund may be getting out, selling all of its gun stock holdings. smith & wesson's stock, a leading gun manufacturer, the stock was down 10% in one day. the cabela's the retail outlet that sells a lot of guns, that stock down 6%. dick's sporting goods, also a big gun seller, has suspended some sales. there is a long list of backlash developments because that event on friday turned public opinion, some action is coming. we don't know what but some action is very likely. the gun industry is in full retreat because of that. martha: obviously investors and analysts in these companies look down the road to see what they think sales will be like 12 months from now. we know that there's been an immediate pop in gun sales in a lot of places as a result of this because people feel that this legislation is coming down the road, right? >> yes. but, do you want your investment firm to be associated with this kind of investment? the california teachers are saying no, we don't want that association. cerberus capital which owned the bushmaster company, says, no, we don'
the university of southern california mechanics. he was very high in his class, the class of 56. he was very bright. most people don't understand. he had an iq north of 170. in spite of that bluster and this big giant soldier, there was a very deep, teaming intellect there. he studied history. he was a student of military history. he surrounded himself with bright officers who understood the nature and character of war. this was a great field captain to be sure but at the same time this was deeply intelligent and intellectual man, patty. patti ann: major general bob scales, thanks for the moving tribute to general schwarzkopf. >> thank you, patti ann. patti ann: we mentioned general schwarzkopf military career went back self decades. he went to valley forge military academy in pennsylvania before graduating from west point in 1956. in 1965 he was sent to vietnam was september to advisor to south vietnamese battalion. he was appointed in commander-in-chief the u.s. army's central command. possibly his most memorable achievement, schwarzkopf commanded more than 540,000 u.s. troops and allied f
out of work americans across the border. california is a prime target for that. anita vogel joins us live from los angeles. hi. >> reporter: hi, there, gregg. can days looking to double its oil production over the next ten years. he has plenty of oil to tap but not enough workers to help secure it. some firms are willing to pay top dollar to convince americans to head north. >> electricians, ml ii spayed wrights. >> reporter: can days looking for a few good men and women. >> a lot of people are retiring. we have infrastructure projects. mines being built, ports, all the infrastructure oil and gas, it's kind of endless. >> reporter: british columbia and alberta predict a stkeuld workeskilled worker shortage of 150,000 over the next decade and are recruising american workers. >> the kind of positions that are open are people who are engineers, people who have welding skills, people who have skill sets in construction. it's a wide range. >> reporter: john lafontaine is one of six people who stood in line at a job fair during palm springs, california. he wants to make the move to support
that matters. here is the west coast storm. it was a big deal in california. rain in southern california. it is getting its act together. the other storm across out the east. this is minor storm and priest cursor what we'll be dealing with wednesday. this is today. go forward in the radar. look at that. snow tonight. some people will be very happy to get a little bit of a white christmas on christmas eve into christmas morning. it will be an inch to three inches of snow. it will not cause any big problems. you see this coming back behind it, 9:00 a.m. wednesday morning this that other storm. this is that storm across parts of the west right now. we're talking about snow across the rockies but it slowly moves here and by tomorrow we're talking about snow potentially in places like oklahoma and the panhandle of texas. this is 3:00 in the morning tomorrow and a few storms start to pop up here in louis. there are two sides to this storm tomorrow. one is snowy winter side. the other one is all of this rain you see down here across parts of the deep south. i point that out because we have real
. martha: the mexican military discovering a new drug smuggling tunnel leading straight into california. they uncovered the entrance inside a water processing plant. it is 300 feet from the u.s. border. it was big, more than 130 feet wide, and had its own electrical and ventilation systems. quite an underground city there. the army shut it down and arrested seven people. bill: remarkable what they're constructing there, huh? angry protests and arrests in the state of michigan. have you heard about this story? traditionally dominated state aproves a law that will give workers more choice they say. [shouting] well the michigan legislature approving a right to work law that stopping unions from collecting mandatory fees from nonunion employees. now the unions see it as a clear defeat but mesh goon's governor, a republican, rick snyder, calls it a victory for workers. >> you will have people will be working right alongside of you that will not have to pay union dues if you pay union dues but will still be able to get all the benefits from being a union member. >> governor you're picking a f
job growth, whether california, illinois, those kind of places, where senority takes precedence over hiring. so you may have a captain or sergeant, somewhere who is making so much money if he would take a small cut maybe they could hire two more rookies. they don't do that kind of stuff. it happens in every city and every town. we heard the horror stories throughout this economic malaise. i kind of disagree with that statement from the president. gregg: all right. do what extent do union obligations really drag down businesses and economies with, you know, health care for life and these onerous pension benefits no one can really afford? >> you hit the nail right on the head. the bottom line is, listen, we've come a long way when this country absolutely needed unions, workers needed representation to where now unions seem to have their interests at heart before the company, before shareholders and before even the customers. we've seen what the kind of damage it has done in the auto industry, airline industry, trucking, more recently twinkie. of course on the public scale, schools, you
of california is sitting on a record surplus. >> right. alisyn: they have $3.9 billion that they have made since 2006. that is 77% jump in their reserves. is somehow obamacare just giving companies an excuse to be greedy? >> well it is certainly giving them the opportunity to engage in fiscal management that most of us in most businesses are unable to do. look, monica raises fair points which i think ultimately require in any budget deal we look hard at obamacare and we look hard at the fees and charges that insurance companies and doctors are going to be able to charge under obamacare. i think this is a clear reason, a clear call to action to have a grand bargain but also put obamacare into the deal. alisyn: monica, obviously this isn't the first surprise, sort of fee or tax or cost that we've now heard of, even this week, connected to obamacare. we heard about the medical device company tax that will be kicking in. we heard about the $63 per head tax to help cover people with preexisting conditions. it is hard not to feel a little hoodwinked by some of this stuff. was all of this in the origin
,-com ma when i was eight years old, we had an attempted kidnapping in her home in california. two guys with guns -- we were waiting to be rescued. i felt exactly what those kids were feeling. i never found out in my situation how these guys were able to get guns. the fact of the matter is we can only talk about the mentality without talking about accessibility. martha: there are a lot of democrats and republicans who feel, you know, some of the holdings in the nra. they are afraid to say that they disagree with him on anything. they think it will hurt them in the elections. what do you think about that? >> well, we need to have a discussion. as justice scalia said when he was interviewed about guns, the second amendment is the right to bear arms. the question is what types of arms to the american people need to have? this is a discussion that we must have as technology gets better, guns get more available, and not only that, but the technology of delivering the types of ammunition is something that we have to question, is whether or not there is a need for the public to have these kind
, thank you. pleasure to have you with us today. >> thank you. bill: one took off from california a few years ago and flew around for a year and a half. who he now. jon scott is coming up eleven minutes away. what is happening. jon: the speaker of the house john boehner says it is going to be a long month. he's warning lawmakers, be prepared to spend christmas in washington. more on the new developments on the fiscal cliff. plus north korea successfully launches a rocket, cheers erupt in yeongpyeong, another escalation in the korean nuclear crisis. two of our guests joining us say this is a very big deal. hearings underway on human growth hormone and the nfl, what will the league decide in we'll go in depth today. bill: see you then at the top of the hour. have a look at this. will you? 33 of these found by border patrol miles from mexico. martha: it's a great store row. bill: you know what they are? martha: i do, but people should stick around to find out, pretty interesting. we'll be right back. table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a bett
in front of a california elementary school, hoping it will help the students there feel a bit safer. >> i'm going to stand here and stand strong because this is what i believe in. nothing will stop me from protecting these kids. what if it was my son in that classroom? what if it was my son and i was deployed? bill: he says he decided to do it after reading online post asking troops to stand guard at schools much the principal says he asked permission and did not leave from 7:30 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon. well-done, marine. martha: matt damon is known for making big hollywood blockbusters, in his new film, called, "promise land quote. he is using star power for another reason to bring attention to controversial practice of fracking. it led to boom of energy production. some say it leads to water pollution. critics of the film says it ignores safety practices used in fracking. john roberts live on the story from atlanta. good morning to you or the or the no end to controversy. "promised land quote opens nationwide on january 4th. they fear this could be to natural gas prod
.c. one company out of california is actually making some money off of this whole fiscal cliff thing. we'll tell you how. martha: it's a good trick. jenna thanks a lot. it is a training facility like none other in the world training tens of thousands of law enforcement officers to stop any number of they arer threat they they are or threats before they happen. a good idea, right? we'll take an inside look at the highly secretive operation. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. bill: today we remember hawaii senator daniel inoye he died yesterday of respiratory complications. he was 17 when the japanese attacked pearl harbor and joined the military two years later and received the medal of honor for a battle against the germans where he was severely wounded, lost an arm. he was a member of hawaii's first congressional delegation before winning a senate seat and serving for nearly 50 years. >> we'll al
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)